Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Velour 5 - Betty 4

This one I lose. I made a velour tank top from a Burda WOF pattern by way of getting the fit right. The fit was fine, and though I am inexperienced with knits, almost everything else turned out very nicely. However, turning under the edges of the neck and armholes was a challenge. Failing to find the recommended Fuse and Fold product, I tried Steam-a-Seam upon the recommendation of someone on the forum. It seemed to work fine, but when I tried the top on, one side of the neck was all baggy. I heated, unglued and re-fried the edge, but all the fullness did not go away. So it's an almost-ok top. Fine underneath something, but not good enough to wear by itself. Also, the front is too low, and the pattern neckline was too pointy at the bottom for an effective fold under finish.

There also seems to be a bit of a twist in the garment, so I expect the garment is not entirely the same on both sides. It was slippery and slidey to cut.

Today I visited my local sewing guru who suggested twill tape, and described for me exactly how to apply it on the seam allowance, with the edge on the seamline, stitched down the middle of the tape. Fold the edge in and topstitch. She suggested that anything really stretchy should have twill tape anywhere you don't want it to sag. Especially shoulder seams.

She also told me there is fusible twill tape. Not likely around here in the boonies of Eastern Canada, but perhaps somewhere on line.

As well, she gave me some cutting suggestions for such fabric: Pin a sheet of pattern paper, or blank newsprint to the fabric before cutting...something you dont mind cutting through when the time comes. I am hoping to use this velour for a cross-over top in my SWAP, and a pair of One-Seam Pants to wear with it for Christmas morning, so I need to get over my frustration with working with it.

Interestingly, though, it sewed up fine in my machine, with no pulling or stretching. I am quite proud of my hem finish in fact. I do not have a serger (yet).

Today was "Sewing Tuesday" with 3 of us working on various projects. I traced a Burda WOF pattern and got some help with the fitting. It's muslin version will be some soft blue Egyptian cotton which my daughter brought in the summer. In the SWAP in will be black or ivory poly/viscose blend which is soft soft soft.

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