Sunday, November 12, 2006

SWAP Planning Merry-Go-Round

Welcome to my SWAP blog. Who knows how long I will be able to keep posting and sewing, but right now, it's one way to organize my organization, which is going way more slowly that I expected, and spiraling into various unexpected directions.

I think my SWAP color scheme is almost settled. I've been muddling a lot, changing my mind about which colors are the 'main' ones, and which are 'coordinating;' about whether to include the print as a skirt or not; about which item will be reversible; about whether to try to include a fantastic fur-trimmed vest that I found in a magazine picture.

My plan has been stalled by the notion of a 'theme' or purpose for the collection, even that it should 'be' a collection -- my goodness, what is that! Then there's input from a friend that all jackets cannot be worn with all skirts -- short or long, yet another decision, or maybe more.

My theme is "Clothes for home and neighbouhood." My intention is to spruce up what I wear around the house, shopping for groceries, going to the dentist, heading out for a local lunch or a visit to a friend's house. Nothing fancy, but a little bit more class than my usual baggy pants and T-shirts.

It's good to have family and friends who are willing to be honest, thus I deleted a lovely piece of dupioni purchased from Julie, and a wonderful red cotton from the local quilt shop -- neither of which were quite the right coordinate for my olive greens. I have found it unbelievable how much work (and fun) it is to go through this planning process - far more work than the sewing I think. I've never had any fashion sense, and it sure shows now as I struggle with colors and textures and patterns.

Hopefully, I will not change my mind on the following:

  • Olive green corduroy pants
  • Ecru linen pants
  • Olive green faux suede skirt
  • Skirt from my floral print, a red/black/olive/taupe poplin
  • One of these skirts reversible with plain black poly/viscose

  • Red wool crepe jean jacket interlined lined with my print

  • Black velour, 3/4 sleeve knit cross-over top
  • Ecru linen, zip-front short sleeved shirt
  • Print top from main print

As yet undecided:
  • Taupe knit top
  • Ecru long sleeved drapy blouse
  • ??? another jacket?; the cool embellished vest? a muted green something-or-other?

Obviously I still need at least one more trip to the fabric store.

Soon I will be revising my story-board, and adding pattern info. The original version is at in the Sewing album.

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