Sunday, February 10, 2008


Thanks Nancy for your comment today,

I am doing quite well, I think, though my energy level and brain function still leave much to be desired.

I have done a bit of sewing in the past month: made the silk noile skirt with a horrible-to-handle habutai bias lining that still awaits hemming; also I am in the middle of a pink denim A-line skirt, still needing hem and buttons down the front; I finished a Hot Patterns Pussycat blouse that was cut out before Steve passed away. It was an interesting challenge, but I messed up on the fitting of the sleeve somehow, so it is not terribly comfortable. (I think I allowed some extra width in the bodice and didnt allow it in the sleeve. Something at the cutting stage got forgotten in the intervening weeks.) I also finished a couple of other UFO shirts. Nothing has been overly satisfying, however....I think that's just the space I am in.

I am leaving on Monday with my sister and a friend for a trip to Egypt. Most of my sewing and wardrobe planning have been devoted to that, but the wardrobe has not come together well. You'd think after SWAP I would be able to plan 2 weeks worth of clothes, but it didn't happen. The trip was conceived several months ago, but all the planning had to be done in December and January. I didn't really need the extra stress, but I think the time away will make it worthwhile. My daughter lives in Cairo, and I have been there once before. I'm actually getting very excited in spite of the wardrobe crisis, and it sure will be nice to get away from all this SNOW and into some predictable sunshine. You can be sure that visiting the fabric markets is high on the "To Do" list. I'll be blogging when I can about the trip at

Thank you so much for your interest. I am amazed at the "reality" of the online community, even though I do not participate very much. I hope all is well with you,and others who have extended their thoughts and prayers to us.

Happy sewing to all.