Thursday, November 16, 2006

Pictures, you say.

I tried to photograph my SWAP fabrics tonight. Arranged them nicely on my stair railing. The light was not right, and the flash did not improve the situation. I will try again in the morning. Meanwhile, here's the best I could do:

Though there are some similar colors here, the textures are all different. I discovered in this process that I am really a texture person. If I were a color person, this would all be so much easier.

On the bottom from L to R are
  • faux suede for skirt,
  • print for skirt,
  • green corduroy for pants,
  • ecru (darker than it looks here) nubbly linen
On the top are my fabrics for tops, which dont show up well at all: L to R
  • ecru linen
  • soft black poly-viscose, very drapey
  • greenish taupe (greener than it looks) poly, very drapey
  • print again
  • panne velour
One top is missing of course. Hopefully I will find a knit of some sort to "top" the whole thing off.

Along the top is my lovely red wood crepe which will be a jacket to coordinate with all.

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