Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I Guess that's why we do Muslins

Finally I had procrastinated enough of the day away, and decided to work at something. Anything. There is a host of UFO's now ahead of me in preparation for the SWAP, and actual SWAP stuff.

Yesterday I made a trip to the local quilt shop to get some thread to match the strange green-grey cotton I am using for the muslin for the Burda WOF shirt. I think I am almost a perfect Burda 42. That is if you don't count the fact that I need a 1" to 1.5" bust lowering, and a size 44 front from the armholes down. Not bad, though, compared to some others I have tried.

The top has tucks, and the fabric is very very soft and fussy to work with. All is well though. The tucks look good, the seams fit nicely, now for the collar.

Remember all that interfacing fuss. Well, the corners where I clipped back the interfacing show the no-interfacing bits, so I had to paste on a piece in one corner of the collar. Misread the collar directions, and spent 2 hours trying to perfectly fit a collar onto the neckline when I had sewed parts of it together. It was going to be a fascination and very modern and funky collar until I realized the picture did not show anything unusual. What a waste of time and brain power.

What an adventure fixing it after clipping the corner to nothing and then having to re-create a seam allowance. But I think it will be a nice shirt, and the SWAP shirt will look great. I think I'll do it in black.

Yesterday I finished cutting the Vogue Tomatsu sleeveless shirt. I later realized that it is intended to be lined, so it needs lining pieces before it can be properly sewn. I think there is enough fabric, but I am going to leave this one for awhile. I think it is wise to make the muslin just before making the garment, so there is at least a hope of remembering some of the fussy points. the fussy point in this will be to see if the bust lowering works. I should have just cut out and lowered the bust parts, and added the length at the L/S lines. Maybe it would not have mattered. I'll have to look that up.

Got swatches from Julie today. Nice black rayon jersey, and a brown sage wool that would make pants to die for. Shall I re-do my SWAP yet again??

Tomorrow is Thursday, and I have a tai chi class, and I have to send out a tai chi email newsletter. I also have to decide what food to bring to the wedding reception, and pack for the weekend in Halifax. On Friday, I have all day to sew if I get everything else out of the way tomorrow. Will I get the red skirt done in time to wear to the reception. If so, what will I wear with it. Suddenly with all this sewing in the wings, and all that has been done, still nothing to wear. .... especially no shoes.

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