Saturday, November 18, 2006

Polyester: 10 -- Betty:11 I am winning!

I am winning the polyester battle. Today I adequately set in the sleeves, and happily bound all the remaining edges in the shirt. How intensely satisfying it is to sew those frayzzles into the seam binding. This shirt has required as much time binding seams as sewing other stuff, if you don't count the time ripping out seams.

Today I failed to follow my own advice and did not baste the sleeve in. I had to rip out about 3", and redo a couple of other places where things weren't quite right. Maybe NOW, I've learned my lesson. I basted the side seams tonight, and did a fitting, then took the basting out and repinned the back seam allowance wider. Now its pinned into its final resting place, and I SHALL BASTE in the morning. Once that's done, all that remains is the sleeve and bottom hems.

It does not sound like much for the effort of a day, but I did spend some time photographing some details, and my Haiku jacket, and of course (sadly), one cannot be sewing the whole day long.

The best thing of the day, though, was trying on the shirt once both sleeves were in, and being totally surprised by how good it looked on the body. The shiny black jacquard actually is quite attractive, and the style is very versatile, serving as a jacket or a shirt. With the zipper undone, over a tank top, it will complement many an outfit.

I also discovered when trying it on inside out, that the lines of the front facings look very nice as a decorative feature, and when I make this for my SWAP, I will put the facings on the outside and cover the edges with some braid or tape of some sort. Some variation on that theme may be the answer to a reversible garment.

Wow, I'll have one TNT after this episode. Decisions now about what to make it out of next. Wonder if there's enough corduroy for both this and a pair of pants?

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