Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Whole Shebang!!

Finished. Done.
All that remains are the last 2 pictures, and the list of pattern numbers. Wow, what a feeling. Like childbirth, the pain is all but forgotten.

Here's the whole shebang.


Shannon said...

Everything looks fabulous - have a great time wearing your new wardrobe!

Carole said...

I am intrigued by your method of photographing your garments. It looks so professional, almost Coldwater Creek-like! I would love to know your secret.

And your SWAP is wonderful: colorful and useful. I am sure you will be among the tops in the competition.

Betty said...

Thanks Carole. The picture is not professional, but it's done amateurly with Photoshop. I had my hubby take pictures of me in each garment standing in front of a plain wall. I then edited each photo separately to adjust for exposure, and delete extraneous background, remove my head, etc. Then a blank file is opened in PS, and each picture opened separately, copied into the new file and sized appropriately. Each picture automatically goes into a separate layer, with a transparent background, so you can move each one independently until you get it looking right.

There's no secret really, but the Photoshop learning curve is fairly steep. I was glad of the opportunity to refresh some rusty skills in that department, so I spent way too much time on these layouts.


Busy Mom said...

I've enjoyed having a look at your SWAP pieces. The coordinating colors and pieces are fabulous. I'm so envious of all those who participated in this huge endeavor. I wish I had the time (and probably the determination) to complete such a massive undertaking. Well done!


Christine said...

Okay, I'm new to your site, but I LOVE THIS!! How awesome! You've totally inspired me to make my wardrobe once and for all! The wardrobe pic did it for me!

I hope you're enjoying your wardrobe! =)