Thursday, April 5, 2007

The End is in Sight

Wow. The only thing left is to hem the last skirt! And of course, to take some good pictures.

I finally found and installed the snaps in my jean jacket. I got the red shirt finished, washed and pressed, and decided to put frogs on my reversible jacket, though it will be fine with no fasteners if they don't get done.

I've posted pictures along the right margins, of all but the last red shirt, the black skirt and the stippled jacket. Those pictures will be there shortly. Also, some of the pattern numbers have to be filled in.

It feels good to have got this far with the whole project, and of course, it feels good to be wearing some clothes that go well together. I think I like the jean jacket the best, and the bermberg lining makes it feel really luxurious. My next favorite would be the stretch cords. I will definitely work with this fabric again as I love the feel of the completed garment.

Even after looking at it for 4 months, and making 2 garments, I still like the red flower print. There is more in my stash for inspiration on another day, or perhaps for another person.

I just bought a new Husqvarna Sapphire!! It's only job on this SWAP will be a double needle hem, but I am sure it will see good use taking my SWAP learning onward to new garments. The same day I bought my machine, the new BWOF arrived with loads of summer possibilities. Good grief!! and I said I was going to take a sewing hiatus after SWAP concluded.

It's time to think of a brief write-up for Julie's SWAP page to summarize the frustration and fascination of this experience.

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