Tuesday, February 13, 2007

SWAP #5 - Black Jalie Crossover

My SWAP numbers are all changed since re-evaluating.

This is the day of our Chinese New Year potluck supper. In between simmering some ribs and procrastinating housecleaning, I decided to try and finish up a few things before tackling the joys of stippling.

The black crossover top was first on the list. This is a poly knit, lovely to handle, and probably the easiest knit I have worked with so far (or maybe I'm just getting more confident.) My other crossover was made with a fabric containing lycra, and fits very snugly, so this time I added about 3/4" to the side seams tapering to nothing from the waist to the armhole. The shirt fits loosely. Even considering the added width, the fit is totally different from (different than? I never got that right) my other shirt. It is very comfortable, but not body-hugging like some knits. I probably could have forgotten the extra width and still had a nice fit.

The pictures seem to emphazise some wrinkles ("drape" I would say to make me feel purposeful about it), but this does not seem obvious when the shirt is being worn. Cameras never lie I suppose, but neither does a flash do justice to anything. (Most especially it does not do justice when it glares off ample boobs in a knit shirt.)

This fabric sewed up nicely on the serger and on the regular machine. I used a twin needle for the first time ever to do the neck, sleeve hems and bottom. No problems at all, no stretching. Good luck or good management, I'm not sure. I think it was luck.

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