Monday, January 29, 2007

I was Tagged!

Five things about myself worth sharing --- Hmmmm. I wonder if I would pick the same 5 things tomorrow!

1) One husband, 4 children, 4 grandchildren -- I have always lived in Eastern Canada (the real Eastern Canada, not Toronto.) I live in Quispamsis near Saint John, NB in a beautiful area of rivers and rolling hills where today the wind chill is -27C. The ocean is 30 minutes away. The sea calls often to me -- and I answer frequently, but not this time of year.

2) Most of my travelling has been in the Maritimes and Maine, but I've made 2 driving trips across Canada, both incredible experiences. My only trans-Atlantic trip was to Egypt the first year my daughter went there to work. My husband and I drove, in October 2005, to the Grand Canyon - what a rush! For this trip we stayed off the interstates and ate in local (and sometimes dingy) diners - hence unofficially naming the trip the "Dingy Diner Tour" - not terribly fair to some of the establishments, but we got an introduction to real small-town America that was informative and often entertaining. This past fall I took a trip with tai chi friends to Costa Rica for a workshop and a tour where I sloshed in sandals through the jungle and saw my first active volcanos.

3) I volunteer as an instructor with the Taoist Tai Chi Society, which is one of my enduring passions. Our particular form of tai chi is designed for to maintain and improve health, and I can say that I am thrilled to have made it thus far with no arthritis, a disease that seriously plagued both my parents.

4) I am also passionate (in an amateurish way) about photography, though I do not spend as much time at it since I have re-invented myself as a sewist last May. My spirit is fed by nature, and by making photographs that reflect the beauty that I find in landscape and detail.

5) I am retired from my most recent job as a Community College instructor where I taught various subjects in the Academic Upgrading Department, returning to the workforce rather late in life after completing an M.Ed in Adult Education. I miss some aspects of the workplace, but I sure love being retired with my time open to pursue whatever the day brings.

Well, there you have it. I'm not sure about tagging other folks. I'm not organized enough to know who's been tagged and who has not at this point - so I will have to reflect on that for a bit. I occasionally read the various blogs from the Stitchers members, and I love to read the advice and progress we are all making with our SWAPS.

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