Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Bamboo Top - another reason for a break

his all happened Feb 25 - whenever that was.

Black Bamboo Cowl-Neck Top
There are many reasons for my recent sewing break. The latest is my bamboo, cowl neck top, being made from a previously used pattern. Supposedly a quick study, to mentally get over the problems with the stretch pants and the stippled jacket. It will make a "dress" when worn with the bamboo skirt (not yet hemmed), and will make a nice top with the other SWAP pieces.

Here's my post to the Stitcher's Forum regarding this particular episode of my endeavors:

"I think it's time for a break! Today I decided to cut out a cowl neck top from the same black bamboo as my gathered skirt. A nice pleasant Sunday morning task. I found the bias and cut out the back, then the front, making sure I still had some fabric somewhere for the short sleeves. I even cut a little band for the back of the neck so I wouldn't have to do a regular facing. Tootling along chatting with myself and generally having a great time, I did all the little markings that make things work and had only the sleeves left to cut. I poked around the remaining fabric pieces looking for the bit that would leave the largest chunk leftover (for what I don't know, I never use those chunks of leftover stuff). I picked a piece that would work nicely if I cut it in two and laid one piece on top of the other. Brilliant I am. The piece was my bias-cut front!!! Nothing clicked until I was all done the sleeves, and went looking for the front to fold the pieces all together. Duh! This makes the third idiot garment in a row....like I said.....time for a break.

I have enough to re-cut to front if it has a diagonal seam across the middle somewhere. That, or make a traditional little T-shirt out of the bits and pieces that remain. Good grief.

I think I may not be a deadline person. DH has been talking about a road-trip to Utah in April (driving from here in Atlantic Canada) and I think I got panicky about finishing everything). One should never sew when not in the mood. I shouldn't anyway.

I must say, its nice to have a place to vent."

Since then, I've taken a few days off, doing very little in the way of sewing, and including a long weekend in Halifax where I bought some silk, and some notions. I took some hand sewing with me, but failed to notice that the quickly packed thread was topstitching thread.....not exactly great for basting or hemming. I really am meant to be on a break!!

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